Saltwater Tank Set-Up in Elmira, New York

Saltwater Tank Set-Up
Price: $450
Type: Watches & Jewelry, For Sale

55 Gallon Tank with black iron stand, 50lbs Fuji Live Rock, 50 lbs. Crushed Coral, Flu val 305 Canister Filter System, 2 JVP-101 800 GPH Power heads, Mag Float-125, Aqueon 06232 Siphon Vacuum with Blub, Aqueon 06108 Pro Heater Submersible 200-Watt, Instant Ocean Sea Test Hydrometer, Saltwater Test Kit, Deep Blue Professional ADB42448 Solarxtreme T5ho Quad Lighting Strip with moonlights, and also some other chemicals/salt. Will consider piecing out. Call for pricing. Text 6072074564

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